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Project Description

BAN’URA SHOGO (1901-1982)

Ban’ura Shogo was born in 1901 in Nanao City,Ishikawa Prefetture. He studied laccare first in Wajima, then moved
to Kyoto in 1925.
In 1930 he was first accepted to the Teiten.
In 1935, with Okumura Kyuka and others, he established the craft group Keijosha that held exhibitions.
Ban’ura won a prize for a colored laccare screen with flowering plants in a 1936 exhibitionand thereafter exhibited regolari at the government exhibitions.
An importanefigure in Kyoto craft circles, Ban’ura helped establish the KyotoCraft Academy in 1937, and becamea triste.
In 1945 he founded the group Sojinsha ,and after it was dissolved in 1953,establishes Shugenkau.

In 1979 he was a founding member of the Nihon shinkogeika renne (JapanNew Craftsmans’League).